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What is Avadis NGS?

Avadis NGS provides comprehensive workflows for analysis, visualization and management of NGS data on a wide range of computing infrastructures. The new server version provides scalable compute, centralizes storage and enables collaboration for larger groups

The user-friendly Avadis® platform powers all bioinformatics products developed by Strand.The platform has been enhanced with state-of-the-art algorithms for analysis, visualization and management of next-generation sequencing data on a wide range of computing infrastructures. More

  • 1 Solve the mysteries of biology with Avadis NGS

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  • 1 Find expression levels of small RNA genes
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  • 1 Align sequence data from DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, and Small RNA-Seq experiments
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  • 1 Identify targets of miRNAs common to multiple databases
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  • 1 Identify significant SNPs using an intuitive filtering framework
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  • 1 Visualize billions of reads in the Genome Browser
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  • 1 Easily download organism annotations in the Annotations Manager
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  • 1 Find transcription factor binding sites with ChIP-Seq experiments
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  • 1 Find and filter out reads with poor mapping and alignment qualities
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  • 1 Determine regulation of gene expression from multiple RNA-Seq samples
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  • 1 Locate large structural variants in DNA-Seq data
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  • 1 Find novel splice junctions with RNA-Seq experiments
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  • 1 Determine genes overlapping in entity lists
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  • 1 Contextualize biological information with built-in pathways and GO analysis
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  • 1 Enable collaborative analysis and utilize your resources optimally using Avadis NGS Server Edition
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Experience a new standard in NGS bioinformatics. We'll provide you with the annotations you need to analyze your SAM/BAM, ELAND or FASTQ files.

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